Award Winning Headphone Business – Sells Primarily Through Amazon – PENDING


Do you enjoy products with a “cool” factor?  Here’s an award winning and highly regarded small headphone business based in New Hampshire.  The Owner is looking to sell the entire company or take on a partner to provide a cash infusion for continued growth.

The Company was founded by two friends who spent their formative years working alongside industry legends Cary Christie (Infinity/Artison) and Tom DeVesto (Tivoli Audio/Cambridge Soundworks).  With the belief that products should be designed and manufactured responsibly, without sacrificing quality, the business was launched.  The products feature a level of quality and fit and finish which is unrivaled in their price range.

They have won numerous awards, competing with many products that cost 10x more.  They’ve grown to their current size with almost no advertising or marketing budget.  It has all been through word of mouth and positive customer reviews.  Along the way, they have worked with some famous musicians, award-winning audio engineers and record producers that have endorsed their products.

Their target market is all age groups, but with emphasis on those who specifically purchase higher quality and higher cost headphones.  Audiophiles – but those who associate with the best. They want a better set of headphones than those that came with their smart phone.

Product is manufactured in China and then assembled in New Hampshire.  Current distribution channel is through, the Business’s own website and a few online retailers.

Business Price: Make an Offer!!

Revenues: $398,643

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):  Minimal

Inventory: $39,000 (changes depending upon

Adjusted EBITDA: $85,255

Real Estate: Leases small office space

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