Entrepreneurship = Perseverance

20 Apr, 2015

Entrepreneurship = Perseverance

I love a great story about perseverance … never giving up your dream regardless of what others think.  There are so many entrepreneurs who have similar stories.  They left the security of a regular paycheck, benefits and office friendships to explore the unknown, to go into debt, to wonder when the first sale will happen, to not have an IT dept to call when the technology fails, to be the jack of all trades.

One of the most challenging aspects of going out on your own is staying strong despite the naysayers. This group of people, often includes several family members and friends. They will surprise you with their reactions: “You must be crazy to leave such a steady and secure job! Will you be able to support your wife and 3 kids? Are you sure this is what you want to do with your life?”  How does one make that leap when it feels like the world is doubting you?  How do you convince yourself that it’s for the best and will be worth the hardship?

A recent Wall Street Journal article told the story of a man who stuck with his dream even when his chances for failure were high. He fell in love with the diner business in college, quit his steady, well-paying job after over 30 years of employment to seek his dream.  Against all odds, which included a life changing illness, he decided to go for it again.  The best part of this story is that he now has four diners and loves what he does.  Now that’s an ending anyone could love.

“The Best (or Worst) Moment to Make a Big Change?” by Clare Ansberry




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